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Just wanted to say that you guys are doing god's work. A plugin that is accurate to how the N64 actually looked was well overdue. While the various hi-res plugins can look nice, I'm tired of dealing with graphical glitches, low-res 2D elements that clash with the sharp 3D, and having to mess with configurations and RDBs to get games to display without major issues. PS1 emulation has had great software-based solutions for a good while now, and having N64 emulation finally catch up to that is a most welcome development.

Oh, and I might as well state that this plugin does not seem to work with Super Smash Bros. unless you set the CPU core style to Interpreter. Having it on Recompiler gives the following error after the N64 logo appears:

Break point found at
.\N64 System\Mips\Memory Virtual Mem.ccp

I haven't tried all my games with this plugin, but none of the others that I've tried give me this error. Even Rogue Squadron runs well (although the menus give a black screen, but if you manage to go in-game, everything looks good there).

Edit: Never mind, I lied. RS needs to be set to Interpreter, otherwise there's graphical glitches out the ass.

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