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Default retexturing and other progress

hey all, just a little update for the last couple of weeks: Jabo has posted several new builds refining his texture loading support (mainly), and several artists like Djipi and Kerber2k are doing great work which you can see some of or contribute to in the texture forum (if you fancy doing any game that hasn't been done, please have a go, and ask us for any help - tips on getting started here but the guys who have already used it know it better than we do . We hope to have a gallery up soon to show off this work, some of which may be public. let us know your thoughts on this in the site suggestions forum aswell please. Zilmar is working on a much more organised download section and some backend problems that have to be fixed before we can continue working. I (Smiff) am quite busy with real life atm - is it too early to wish everyone a happy christmas? or holidays, or whatever you celebrate
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