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Default downtime

Dear Members,
I'm really sorry for the sad state of the site this last week. as some you may have gathered, we suffered a severe hacking which although not deliberately targeted left most of the emulation64 network including us down or damaged.
I'm only posting this now because i just found a backup i did not know i had made before going on holiday. The site is complicated (for me, as you can see i'm not a web pro) and getting it all working is proving harder than expected, we will of course be taking measures to prevent a repeat of this incident as best we can.
i just want to say thanks again to Martin who's had a much tougher time dealing with all his sites than we have, and whom we still have absolute faith in to do the best for us.
unfortunately, as is the way with these things, the timing of this attack was very bad, with all of us busy and unable to do as much as we'd like.
hopefully we can recover from this fully and be back on track with development soon. We would much rather be working on the emulator and talking to you about that, unfortunately some people (unknown) like to vandalise things..
Thank you all for your understanding during our difficulties.
Smiff on behalf of the whole PJ64 team.
more specific info: we have problems with the following areas:

  1. forum (browsing indexes) working
  2. bug tracker - zilmar got this going yesterday. is that everything fixed?
  3. all contest list sections working
the database seems to be ok (thank heavens), it's just not being accessed properly.
update: i've just realised a lot of the emulation64 sites are in a worse state than ours, like jabo's own site is completely down, the PMs are not working on the public forum, etc. we're going to give it a rest for a couple of days and not hassle the server admins, then we'll slowly start to put this back together. sorry but we just have to be patient like everyone.
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