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Well... personally I like the precision of the Xbox One analogs. They're A LOT smoother, IMO. What's funny is that since helping you out I've decided to load up GoldenEye juuuust to make sure I was giving you the right info. I noted how the triggers are separated on Xbox One controller drivers. One trigger controls Z Axis and the other Z Rotation. What's strange is that this ISN'T TRUE ANYMORE!!! At least for me, ATM. I'm not sure why, but the triggers for my Xbox One controller are BACK to sharing the Z Axis. At this point there's no difference with the 360 controller now (other than smoother analogs from the One controller). Now, don't swear by this as it may be unique to me as the latest Xbox One controller drivers are supposed to SEPARATE THEM!

If you are using an Xbox 360 controller then the configuration files should work fine. With shared trigger axis' triggers can't be used together however. So either set Player 1's "Z" button to either LB or LT and then set Player 2's "Z" button to either RT or RB. This way either aiming aiming and shooting is LT and RB or LB and RT. Going to my Steam page through the download link will enable RUMBLE through Jabo's input plugin. You'll also get RUMBLE for any other emulator that won't otherwise have working vibration for an Xbox 360/One controller.
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