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I haven't had any issue with the sniper rifle when it comes to zooming in/out. Remember however that dual analog control will NOT work for 4 player deathmatch. Only TWO player deathmatch. The reason being is that on the actual N64 you needed TWO controllers to do this. This of course uses both the Player 1 AND Player 2 ports. You'd hold BOTH controller in each hand by the middle handle. Left hand's "Z" aimed and right's "Z" fired. Pretty novel outside of the box idea by RAREWARE! What you're doing is emulating that effect into ONE controller.

I DO have an update in regards to the triggers. Them being joined again is the result of a March 3rd update (update KB3140743). Removing this update restores the trigger's separation. I JUST confirmed that for myself prior to typing this message. Because of this, I'd recommend an Xbox One controller over a 360. Although as stated prior, you COULD just use the left and right bumpers to aim and shoot instead of the triggers.

What's funny is that I didn't even know about this "dual analog" control setup until I saw a video of someone joining 2 N64 controllers together into one monstrosity! It was in regards to an N64 Star Wars game and and included a "little" footnote stating that it worked for GoldenEye as well. Up until that point I always thought that the dual controller controls were some rushed, poorly implemented, shoehorned attempt at "Co-op". Was I... WRONG!

So, I loaded the game and set everything up as I've described to you and was BLOWN away. Dual Analog COMPLETELY changes the game! Sure, you could always have either precise analog controlled aiming OR the same for moving, but NOT BOTH. With BOTH having analog control you've got a GoldenEye on your hands that let's you use STEALTH!
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