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Default GoldenEye Dual-Analog

Just do this!

I'll assume you're using an XBOX 360/One controller, but should apply to ANY dual analog PC gamepad.

Go into input settings and enable BOTH P1 and P2 controllers.

Assign the P1 N64 control stick to your PC pad's RIGHT analog stick.

Assign the P2 N64 control stick to your PC pad's LEFT analog stick.

Assign the P1 A, B, Start to your pad. Also the D-Pad (which I reccomend using to navigate the pause menu) is set to P1.

Something I like to personally do is set P1 N64 "B" to XBOX "X" and P2 N64 "B" to XBOX "B". What this does is open doors with X and to reload with B. Granted both X and B will do both, but it's a nice little touch of further "modern-ness".

Now, triggers are NO LONGER SEPERATE for XBOX One despite my workaround . So in regards to aiming and firing it'll be up to your preference. For ME I have LB to aim and RT to fire. In this manner LB is set to Z on P1 and RT set to Z on P2. Some prefer using Z with LT. In this case just swap the inputs when configuring input.

Once all that is configured I'd recommend saving the respective configs yourself in A Controller Profiles folder (i.e GoldenEye duel-analog and GoldenEye duel-analog

At this point boot up the game and begin a mission. Once it begins, pause the game and navigate to the in-game controller configuration. Choose controller style 2.4 GOODHEAD and enjoy a modern feel of true dual analog GoldenEye!

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