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Default GolenEye Dual-Analog


Here are my settings. I typically use Jabo's input plugin, but am no stranger to N-Rage's plugin.


And N-Rage

NOTE that they are in two parts. A part for CONTROLLER 1 and a part for CONTROLLER 2. That is why there are chunks of empty or unassigned buttons. There is NO NEED for C-Button configurations for example as those "would be" actions are now handled by an analog. The best way to put it is each half of the XBOX controller handles a "emulated" controller. Each half of your XBOX controller represents controller 1 and controller 2.

Even though the image I have of my N-Rage config is from a different version it will still work the same. XINPUT WILL STILL BE UNTICKED TOO!

Ask again for more help and good luck!


Oops! The N-Rage Z's should be swapped. LB for Z on controller 1 and RT for Z on controller 2. Again, if it's not obvious, you are assigning buttons from controller 1 and controller 2 to your single controller and REMEMBER, Controller Style 2.4 GOODHEAD in the PAUSE screen when you start a mission.

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