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Originally Posted by mewtnatertatertwo View Post
Well maybe you'll remember later.
T_T It might take me another month or two to remember I'm afraid.

Originally Posted by mewtnatertatertwo View Post
I take it Zilmar is u=1?
HA HA HA! What made you think that?
u=1 is samlaptop.

Originally Posted by dsx! View Post
nicholash is a mystery
Huh, can't help but agree. I'm not sure but I think he's that one dude that, flies around the premises and kills people with Mario, shoots laser vision at people, rips street lights out of the ground and whips people's asses with them at a rate of 3 whips per second, ice and tornado breath, all of that jazz. He probably registered when that Mdkcheatz guy told him about the site after meeting him at the nearest McDonald's restaurant.