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Originally Posted by zilmar View Post
you can use a better image source, try

Originally Posted by D41145H4CK View Post

Definitely liked that one.....thanks zilmar

Now what you think rswedlow?
Move some of the desktop icons out of the way of the art, and it's glow-in-the-dark. Late at night I like contrasting colors, so the background color fits in.

I would decrement the original dimensions of the logo to 512x512 so that the dimensions would be more scalable to smaller icon resolutions. That would help the center-alignment coordinates on your screen, and the crust around the PJ64 logo can be fixed either using the PNG version or rendering all alpha-transparency pixels to background color in the JPEG version.

Originally Posted by Squall_Leonhart View Post
i think you should stop saving images as jpg.
omg psychic...I'm still religiously against JPEG formats, but for large images I use it when there is much anti-aliasing and large palette of colors.

GIF is older though, so it has more browser compatibility than JPEG and optimizes smaller color palettes better.
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