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Question Question on keyboard input, anyone?

Just a question about keyboards. Nothing to do with N64 emu or plugins.

It's about limitations like, locking certain key press combos over others.

If you don't know can you do this simple test please,
Open up Notepad or whatever, just type some text somewhere.

Hold the "A" key for some seconds, then press U,I,E (I don't care what order; try all of them at once perhaps.)

My results:

Now try it with 'S'. Hold S for some seconds, then press E+U+I.
My results: ssssssssssssssssssssssssiue

Now with 'W':

And one more time, finally with 'D':

No 'E' in the last one??
It gets locked for some reason if I do D+UIE, but not with A+, W+, or S+.

Does anyone *NOT* get those results?
Or does anyone know why that is?

It is a small hardware interference with my keyboard plugin which nobody else here needs to test.
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