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Originally Posted by FatCat View Post
Or just *flipping cheeseburger* cheats and use my FLASHRAM save editor I spent months making for Zelda MM anyway, much safer and portable.
Originally Posted by ExtremeDude2 View Post
Inb4 you didn't post a link to it

You mean my FLASHRAM save editor?

Nobody ever asked for it.

I just assumed nobody cared about Zelda MM on this forum. :P Supposedly OOT was better?

It's in my `mm` "memory management" repository on GitHub, under /flash.

Command syntax:
zs [path] [block] [action] [string]

The domain of this program's function comprises the following parameters:
    1.  Argument two:  The path to the flash memory.  The backup memory must be
        stored on a file system for it to be located by this parameter.
    2.  Argument three:  The block number inside flash memory.  The first
        character specified in this parameter will be scanned in, while any
        subsequent characters will be ignored.  It must be an ASCII character
        representing an octal digit:  '0', '1', '2', '3', '4', '5', '6', or '7'.
    3.  Argument four:  The action to apply to the flash memory.
    4.  The purpose of parameter four, or argument five, is defined by the
        specified action.  Actions and their data strings are listed later.
On the topic of this thread,
my FLASHRAM editor supports the transformation masks (Fierce Deity/Deku/Goron/Zora):
        Let [string] represent any eight-bit decimal value, preferrably either:
            0:  Fierce Deity Link
            1:  Goron Link
            2:  Zora Link
            3:  Deku Link
            4:  normal form
So running my console app with the command:

zs c:\progra~1\projec~1\save\filename.bin 00 --form 0
Updates the flash ram save at *((file_block_ptr == /*file*/00) + 0x000020) to use Fierce Deity Link the next time you load the game.

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