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Default Getting PS3 joysticks to act normal?

I'm using MotionInJoy to get my PS3 controller to work on XP, and its the only one that I tried that actually worked. When I go an hot key the buttons on the PS3 controller in Project64, I can only assign the joysticks in the matter of the D-pad.

So, when I'm playing Jet Force Gemini, and trying to manually aim, my crosshairs go all over the place. I can't make natural movements with the joystick, and the crosshairs only move when I push the joystick all the way in that direction. When I release the slightest, it jumps back to mid screen.

In other words, I can only move my crosshairs in extreme up, down, left, and right and unable to aim freely.

Sorry if I'm not explaining this well....

Thank you.