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You are very good at your new moderator job, Melchior.

Keep throwing out those ban hammers! Even more than that dumbass on the cloud floating over Mario in those sky worlds.

Originally Posted by Frank74 View Post
Can't you block posts with no English?

Maybe put in a question for posting? Like something simple like 'how many bits is the N64?'

I use a forum for zx spectrum 1 bit music. To post, you need to answer the question, "What cpu does the zx spectrum use?".
It stops all this spam, which must be more annoying for you than me.
I used to go to a chess forum, and the CAPTCHA there was checkmate in one move. You clicked on the chess board from some random position stored in the site's games database, and if your move was a mate in one your post went through. Surprisingly easy given the poor intelligence of the people who were still able to post.

I wouldn't ask zilmar to block non-English posts though. Depending on what qualifies as a non-English post I'd say half the people here wouldn't be able to post anymore.
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