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I don't remember Jamardenty very well.

If it's the one I'm thinking of, it kept posting cool stories from bros who just posted that already in the thread. So I think it's a bot auto-posting what other posts on the Internet have said.

If you're not sure if human idiot or troll bot, you could look up the IP address to see if it makes sense. If it's traced to India or whatever I seriously doubt it could be a live person doing copy pasta.

Originally Posted by Frank74
The power to ban offensive spammers is great. Just done my second one within 2 minutes of spam post. BWAH HAH HAH!!!
Sure is. You and Melchior must be having a lot of fun banning spammers. On another website I deleted posts all the time and banned people off the members list from A-Z just to spite them for fun (no jk).

Heh, one of those All Hail Donald Trump spammers posted a huge thread with 10,000 characters of straight WWWWWW (infinite W's here...), and I pulled a the_randomizer and quoted the entire post just to say, "Could you spell that for me slowly please?" At the same time RPGMaster caught all the spam and deleted it. I was so sad.
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