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Originally Posted by Melchior View Post

I don't know anything about.. forcing titles... ooh maybe because there is a limit on how many titles can be displayed at once... hmm..

there is
- myself (SUPER moderator!)
- and one other
active.. there is other admin/mods from the original/old crew.. but none are active...

that I know of...

ooh so I checked Frank74's account.. hmm.. TURNS out he is listed as a super mod... hmm... news to my ears..
Also RPGMaster is one, so that makes four. At least he actually does stuff; theboy181 I think was just put as a mod because he posted in zilmar's suggestion thread about being a nice guy when posting while I was being a meanie. The funny thing is overtime his user title got changed back to Senior Member. I really have no idea why zilmar would do that. Because it matters what I think of people, I guess?

I'm not even sure if Smiff, Gent etc. are still moderators since with them it's the opposite. Their displayed user status is admin, but I think internally they may have been pruned off the list.
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