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Earlier 2.x versions: Savestates prone to crash,other things crash easier,and realtime cheat functions are trashed.

Current 2.x version/s: Behaviour changes that go against my code hunt methods,savestates still may be sketchy,and realtime cheat functions are STILL trashed despite the few mentions of a fix that Mupen64Plus (M64+ AE) has that works splendidly.

The realtime cheat fix would prevent the need of savestate spamming so often,while also noting its now impossible to use that method because the memory viewer closes upon loading a savestate,making the fix for realtime cheats not as good for anything more than better codes that are already found and risky attempt combos before loading back to a stable game state,provided it doesn't crash randomly.

Also,the site I linked seems to even have the ancient versions of PJ64 as well,so that is pretty nice if anyone wants to check them out for some fun,or for in-depth testing of various things.

That is if they even open/don't BSOD on Windows 10...
Guess that could be avoided by VM or Wine or whatever else runs stuff with mostly full feature access in simulated older Windows OS version programming.