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Originally Posted by Iconoclast View Post
Sorry if I've confused myself on this, but just in case you meant testing it on as in with advanced block linking set to "On" in the RDB settings the testing I think should be done as with it set to off. Since the "Default" value basically already means "On" it was what you were already testing.

Otherwise I'd like to know how your test session goes. I want to find out why this game worked just fine for me all the time but not you guys.
Yeah I was testing it on "off". However I was playing for about 50 minutes and it froze again. A new record by far without freezing, but it still froze . But the weired thing about it is that it freezes my whole computer and even if I press F5 to save it won't let me, the only thing that responds is Ctrl+Alt+Delete and thats to end the program. Strange!
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