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There is anywhere between two to four brands of video cards acceptable for emulating N64 graphics.

ATI Radeon brand, manufactured by AMD or w/e company, official website for AMD somewhere.
NVIDIA GeForce brand, home development site,
Those Voodoo-type cards for GLIDE rendering, only supported by the Glide64 plugin I think.
Maybe Intel since they've been getting better, those most Intel cards leave too many N64 gfx glitches.

As for which is better, I don't know a lot about that. I do know that the Radeon gfx cards are more constrained to certain monitor resolutions while GeForce is more flexible, but I imagine there is likely compromise for that as well. Also, many parts of N64 graphics plug-ins are more compatible or less compatible with certain features of certain releases of NVIDIA or Radeon.
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