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Sorry to bother you - but could you please create the codes for Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (E) (GC) [f1]

It is the only version of the game that has the european language versions on board - and plays at the originally intended 20fps instead of the 17fps the pal version usually runs at.

For any european gamer, that would want to enjoy this game in 16:9 (or another widescreen resolution) - this would be the ultimate version (Master Quest is not intended for a casual playthrough.. ).

Its the rom that was extracted from the PAL version of the GC collectors edition. I tried the NTSC Master Quest codes (for the off chance, that they would work - and they change some of the resolution, although in a weird and broken way - so the addresses seem to be a bit off).

Thank you so much in advance if you could do so.

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