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The memory viewer in Project64 2.x has always been rather crash-prone and unstable.

Best you can do is only use the cheats search window, and reduce the amount of time the memory viewer window ever needs to be kept open by speeding up the time it takes to open it, quickly jump to the RAM offset you need to play with, and exit ASAP.

Once in a while on an as-needed basis, right-click a RAM offset result in the cheat search results and click "view in memory editor" or whatever the right-click menu option is called. That will give you just enough time to view and play with the new memory offset in the memory editor window and then close it as fast as you can before it has a chance to crash.

Originally Posted by tolliverj View Post
what program do you suggest i use i have HxD and cheat engine and tried them both and the memory viewer and that kept crashing like a bitch its quite apparent that i have no idea what i'm doing at all when it comes to finding addresses i'm dumb as a fucking rat.
HxD is fine for beginner hex-editing stuff to learn from.

I never use it on my own machine because:
  • It's unavailable to non-Windows operating systems.
  • It's proprietary with no way to compile it or port it over.
  • It's written in C++.

Still for what you're doing I'm pretty sure it's good enough, but I don't think it will let you view N64 RAM inside of Project64 unless you can get HxD to read from RAM instead of files like ROM images.
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