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Banjo-Tooie (U)

Normal Eggs Don't Appear
D1087248 0000
8108724A C7CC
D1087250 0000
81087252 C7CC
D1087258 0000
8108725A C7CC
First one to not freeze on any action,may actually do something crazy internally.
All shots can be done with nothing coming out.

Dust Farts
D1087248 0000
8108724A 8ECC
D1087250 0000
81087252 8ECC
D1087258 0000
8108725A 8ECC
That's just what it does...

Ember Farts
D1087248 0000
8108724A 934C
D1087250 0000
81087252 934C
D1087258 0000
8108725A 934C
Too much spicy food.

Watery Farts
D1087248 0000
8108724A B48C
D1087250 0000
81087252 B48C
D1087258 0000
8108725A B48C

Sad that replacing eggs with the flame thrower attack effect doesn't work,believe me I tried.
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