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Originally Posted by TheDiabeetle View Post
Its been a while since i posted this so idk if anyone will notice, but in hoping that someone does...

I am no longer using Linux on my computer, and so I wanted to try at this emulator business again. You guys said that WINE was most likely the problem, so I assumed it would work this time. Thing is, I have the same problem that I did before. Anything else I could try?
The turn-only and no walking issue you were describing is either a hardware issue with whatever exotic controller you may be using (keyboard ftw), or maybe you just have N64 range turned down. In either case try turning it way up, and it may be a bit more playable.

The button auto-mashing is definitely unusual; I would have to say that must be a device/driver issue.

Originally Posted by bootsycolinsgod View Post
I just started with MayFlash adapter and a real N64 controller myself, and I have the exact same issue. Every movement, even the joystick, is treated like a rapid button press, not like holding the button down or holding the joystick in a direction. This makes it impossible to use. For example, in Goldeneye, if I hold R to use the aiming reticle, it flashes constantly instead of remaining solid. Also, if I try to turn, it might jerk a couple inches to the side, but then doesn't move any more. I am running this on a brand new Alienware M14x with Windows 7, so I know that's not the issue.
Mayflash sucks.

Sorry, but I read Mayflash problems like that a lot.