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Default Controller and performance issues

I'm currently using Project 1.6 and I must say it's quite stable for most of my games but there's two issues I have stumbled upon. First is movement. I use a Wii Classic Controller plugged in via USB/Wii adapter then via USB. It works great and all but apparently the emulator will not register diagonal movements. I can run forward, back, left and right but if I try forward/right at the same time in a game like Zelda Ocarina of Time, Mario 64 or Bomberman 64 the character will walk and not run. I was checking that modifier section with N-Rage Input Plugin which I use and I will see if I can come up with something but I was thinking anyone else knew how to work it out.

Now to performance. I don't exactly understand the technical terms behind en emulator environment in the first place so I may have misunderstood the meaning. Anyway..

I use MSI AfterBurner application to monitor my GPU info like temp, usage, fan (fan control) and framerates. Now both this app and FRAPS report that Zelda OoT runs at 20FPS which I would assume, since it's a DirectX hook the monitor apps use, is the game itself. It was perhaps locked at that framerate and I have no issues as long as it's as optimal as I can get it, it doesn't lag or anything. However, the emulator itself reports 60FPS (I have forced VSync to avoid abnormal speed when game speed is linked with framerates and I like a smooth frame). I don't think I have an issue exactly, I just need an explanation on this part and if it's possible, increase the game framerates.