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Originally Posted by FatCat View Post
Actually you know what, scratch that.

Try this plugin instead.
"scrapped to post"

It's not LLE like z64gl, so it should eliminate the concern of switching RSP plugins from the pj64 one if you haven't done that already.

It is very slow, however. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Still, it should almost certainly fix the depth buffer issue with the Lens of Truth.
Very good information!! Thanks! I've just tried that plugin and all problems with the Lens Of Truth have seized. But this unfortunately (even after tweaks) is for trade of speed and graphics quality You did warn me though

I was hoping you underestimated my laptop power, but clearly this still isn't enough to be 100% stable (even 3.4GHZ turbo). It seems to range from on average 94%-100% with 85% shifts walking through doors with frequent audio jitter. Using the Lens Of Truth shifts it 75%-80%. Must be very demanding. I've read that thread and I see that the plugin uses software rendering and relies heavily on just the CPU to process the graphics.

This interests me because you've fixed the problem none the less, and thanks!! This plugin has great potential, also helped me.

So If I'm OK with asking one last question, does this mean my Hardware doesn't support the ability to buffer certain objects? Or is merely a question of the ROM / PJ64's Hardware support? Thanks in advance.
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