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actually Gent that's a great idea, especially if we want it to be permanent for the official 1.7 release... if anybody wants to start uploading AR/GC codes either pre-formatted or just directly post codes I will personally add them into the CHT file (we cant all add our own codes, merging all files into one will become hazardous), but Gent, if you cant arrange a section just for anybody wanting to help with getting the Database as complete as possible that would help alot. I recommend you make it only available to alpha testers though so that we may talk freely eithout worrying about unwanted ears (eyes) hearing/seeing what only beta members should be able to hear/see.
Also, on top of what I said above, you listen here okay?! Look closely at this fist, if you so much as smell it wrong it'll impose itself onto your face okay?! You think you tough? I bet behind that PC you're just a timid old clown capable of nothing but wackin the sackin. You smell me tigga?!
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