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Originally Posted by Frank74 View Post
And the general advice is to stick with an N64 replacement instead if you want to have the same sensitivity. Small movements are almost impossible with the gamecube stick replacement.
They don't make them like they used to.
I have the same problem, but with an n64 replacement controller.

Small movements are impossible to get, even when playing with the dead zone...

It just doesnt work

I ordered the Mayflash Adapter and im gonna use it with an original controller, as that combination seems to work just fine, as people told me on this forum.

Im still waiting for it, gonna come back when i have results^^


I got the Mayflash Adapter and it works fine. The stick behaves like the original n64 controller in terms of sensitivity.

Small Movements and sneaking in Banjo-Tooie works now.

However it took me an hour to get it working, mainly because the controller wasnt calibrated. I did a google search and found a nice article which explained everything. Check it out here

Just follow these steps and everything will work out fine. But im not shure about other brand controllers and gamecube like controllers. Maybe it works for you too

My problems have vanished and im off playing Banjo-Tooie ^^

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