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Originally Posted by TheLegendaryJames View Post
I have a question about my graphics card. I have a Radeon 9700 from ATI. Are the HD Series better even though it is lower than 9700? (ex: Radeon 6990 HD better than Radeon 9700?) I don't really care about the HD just the performance. So what would be better for performance? I'm not quite sure if I made sense of that correctly or not, but hopefully I did. Also what video card do you recommend?
Can you even use a modern video card on your PC? If you have a radeon 9700 and your PC is 9 years old, you have an AGP slot, more recent cards are PCI express only. I think the last bunch of Ati cards that had AGP versions were the x1900 family. I have a 7 year old PC myself and i use an Ati X1950pro AGP which is, one of the very best cards you can possibly have on an AGP system (after that generation they stopped supporting the AGP slot).

So, if you just want to upgrade your card, your best bet is a x1900 family AGP card (good luck finding one though). It supports shader 3 and even though its a somewhat old card you won't need anything better than that for emulators, even for more demanding ones (PS2, Gamecube emulators for instance). Emulators are CPU intensive programs, you will get more performance gain if you upgrade that, although i have no idea what is the best CPU your motherboard can handle.

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