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Originally Posted by Squall_Leonhart View Post
Theres no need to make nes and snes emulators either, those can also be injected into the console, however for those who have got modified consoles the emulators usually available ARE BASED OFF PRE-EXISTING OPEN SOURCE emulator source code of which PJ64, is not.

If you desire a n64 emulator for the wii, you will have to wait for someone to get interested in doing it and porting mupen64.
You are partially correct, but Rom injecting is difficult and dangerious and can result in Bricking the wii, not to mention that the emulators that are packaged with the VC games are specifically made for that one game and swapping out rom images can result in emulation errors and slow speeds.

Homebrew emulators that are found on the PC today are Far more advanced/optimized than the ones produced by nintendo, and lets be honest the nintendo lack features... There is most definately a need to make NES and SNES emulators for the wii, because you have to find roms that are similar enough is size and various other features in order to inject them to replace the original. So for example you cant just take 007 Goldeneye and inject it into the Zelda 64 rom.... It wont work! The sizes and graphics and various other emulated features are far too different.

I dare you tell my folks at that you dont need emulators because you can inject anything into anything.

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