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Default The Easiest Solution Ever.

First I would recommend you use a glide wrapper like nGlide and configre it to your liking....then use the Glide64 for PJ64 plugin, enable texture enhancement, close the configurations settings, open them up again, go to the texture enhancement tab. Under the Method drop box, select rice formula, uncheck save cache to hard disk. Create a new folder called "hires_texture" in the Plugins/GFX directory, in the directories settings, change the textures option to the folder you just created.

Now unpack the folder in the zip file that contains all your enhanced textures and place that folder into the "hires_textures" folder and leave the named folde named as it is. If it is a bunch of textures and no folder in the zip file...create a folder that matches the internal name of the ROM. To find that info you rightclick on a rom in project 64's rom selection menu and click on "ROM Information".

Setting up your plugin options is very necessary to match your video card so let the tool tips guide you.

Now in case you get frame buffer slowdowns there is another thing you should do. Uncheck "Hide Advanced Settings" in the Project 64 settings menu. Simply Right click on the game and then on "Game Settings" Uncheck "Fixed Audio Timing" and nothing else...boom...smooth frame rate with Vertical Sync enabled With Jabbo's Direct 3D8, if your video card drivers are handling vertical sync....set the sync method to "Copy Memory".
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