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Originally Posted by Smiff_ View Post
8) finally, please remember to ask politely and not demand, this as a hobby, not a job. most people understand this but not everyone..
He's talking about me, btw.
Just so everyone knows.

He created this thread right after he accused me of demanding Jabo/zilmar to implement things into Project64, just because I was commenting how smart Jabo strategically was in doing simple feature bumps to quiet the loud, naive requests of other alpha testers in the plugins.

I can't really talk about why he was wrong, or why he managed to interpret anything I ever said in the alpha forum that way, due to the tens of reasons I could have gone on to list evidence that I, at the time, barely even cared about Project64 or its features.

So I flew into an emotional curiosity as to why God would permit such hallucinations over something completely unrelated and left the forum for a couple months.

I can't help it. Unthinkably misunderstanding people just piss me the fuck off.

Not saying I don't miss him for all his work and efforts, but the simple-minded men populate the world plentifully.

I kind of waited only until now to say anything about it because people won't stop reminding me of this dead thread and how I kept burying the memory.
Nothing of much material though. It's off my head now.

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