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Originally Posted by nOkbient View Post
What I've done is simply renamed my .fla save file to ZELDAM~1.fla, and put it in with the rest of the files. Do I need to add quotes anywhere, or put the save into a folder? Oh, last thing. After the tool does its thang, would the save work off of a flashcart as opposed to PJ64?
It doesn't have to be renamed. ZELDAM~1.FLA is the MS-DOS file system abbreviation for "Zelda Majora's Mask.fla" and would have targeted that file if you had left it to that name.

Maybe it thinks the file occupation label is missing because in fact it was in the wrong byte order. That was another thing I should have done with this program ... detect if the byte order was swapped by Project64 and automatically determine whether doing the algorithm of my ZSENSWAP.EXE was even necessary, rather than making the user or commands script call it automatically every time and assume a Project64 format FLASHRAM. Apart from that endianness issue, yes, the save would work off a real N64 and not just an emulator.

You might try omitting the first call to zsenswap.exe and keeping the second one.
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