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Maybe it thinks the file occupation label is missing because in fact it was in the wrong byte order. That was another thing I should have done with this program ... detect if the byte order was swapped by Project64 and automatically determine whether doing the algorithm of my ZSENSWAP.EXE was even necessary, rather than making the user or commands script call it automatically every time and assume a Project64 format FLASHRAM. Apart from that endianness issue, yes, the save would work off a real N64 and not just an emulator
Bingo! Ok, I finally figured it out, but it took some time. After eliminating the first ZSENSWAP.EXE, I didn't get the message, but my save wouldn't work (on original hardware, not PJ64). So what I did was just eliminate the ZSENSWAP altogether. After I did that it worked great. Thanks so much for the clarification!

Something that didn't work properly for me, and my guess is that I'm just confused about how it actually works, is the "--songs" action.

All of these binary values you put in the MANUAL correspond to a song:
Let [string] represent a virtual sixteen-digit binary flags register.
0000000000000001: Sonata of Awakening
0000000000000010: Goron Lullaby
0000000000000100: New Wave Bossa Nova
0000000000001000: Elegy of Emptiness
0000000000010000: Oath to Order
0000000001000000: Song of Time
0000000010000000: Song of Healing
0000000100000000: Epona's Song
0000001000000000: Song of Soaring
0000010000000000: Song of Storms
So, if I wanted to have all the learnable songs, I would add them together so I would get 0000011111011111, or at least that's my understanding of it.

I didn't want to give myself every song though, just a few. Everything except the Bossa Nova, Elegy of Emptiness, Epona's Song and the Song of Storms. So based on my understanding of it above, I entere:
ZS.EXE LEGEND~1.FLA 0 --songs 0000000000000000
ZS.EXE LEGEND~1.FLA 0 --songs 0000001011010011
That didn't work though. Instead I got everything but the Song of Time, Healing, and the Oath to Order. I mucked about some more and did a few more experiments. I tried doing it sequentially like this:
ZS.EXE LEGEND~1.FLA 0 --songs 0000000000000000
ZS.EXE LEGEND~1.FLA 0 --songs 0000000000000001
ZS.EXE LEGEND~1.FLA 0 --songs 0000000000000010
ZS.EXE LEGEND~1.FLA 0 --songs 0000000000010000
ZS.EXE LEGEND~1.FLA 0 --songs 0000000001000000
ZS.EXE LEGEND~1.FLA 0 --songs 0000000010000000
ZS.EXE LEGEND~1.FLA 0 --songs 0000001000000000
But I just ended up with no songs.

The weirdest result was when I put in a binary (I forget the exact value) that gave the results of Epona's Song, Song of Soaring, Song of Storms, and each area's song except for the Oath to Order. Then, using that save, I entered the string for the Sonata of Awakening (0000000000000001). The results were that I had: Epona's Song, the Song of Storms but just the musical note icon (no name or diagram shown for it), the Goron Lullaby, and the Elegy of Emptiness.

Then I got frustrated and started putting in totally random binary values that almost always gave me some combination without the Song of Time and Healing, and usually with all of the area songs, especially the New Wave Bossa Nova and Elegy of Emptiness.

Odds are I'm just confused about how binary numbers work and I should be put to shame for it.

For now I have every song learned, not using them until I actually obtain them in game, but I feel bad not being able to get some of them because the game thinks I already have them.

But I am seriously thankful for this HatCat, even if you say it's sort of sloppy. It saved me a veritable shit-ton of time and trouble!

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