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OOT uses SRAM, not flash RAM, so it is a different save chip entirely.

Never was particularly fond of Zelda OOT. Figured it was popular and rated highly enough that somebody else would do a save editor for it even if I never cared to, with or without any sort of help or influence from the MM one I am doing here.

So far I've done at least one save editor for: a) mempak, b) EEPROM 512 B, c) EEPROM 2048B, d) flash RAM, but SRAM is the only type of save chip I have not yet written a game save editor for. I was contemplating whether I should do one for Super Smash Bros. or Zelda OOT...but if it ends up that I were to choose Zelda OOT, it only is because of my interest in Majora's Mask as a game. I figure maybe if I did decide to write a save editor for OOT it would continue to unravel more information about MM, both in and out of the flash save.
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