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You wouldn't happen to be referring to ver23/b23 would you?

I got it a long ways back originally from EmuCR's leak on a whim.
Later on,some spanish site called Emudigital which died then changed to EmuDesc,has that particular version as of the last time I checked many months ago.
Before and when it was on Emudigital,there was a massive cheat list in it,now I am stuck (new laptop re-download) with a different list full of cruel encrypted Xploder codes,forcing me to either look for the code or go online to decrypt it via Gamehacking[DOT]org instead of just having the codes and their values.

Problem is,now they have that stupid login requirement for links,so you will have to do some digging while attempting to reach a print-only or cached version that doesn't have them hidden,I had to do that and get lucky enough to find the right file within one of the file upload sites it used.

Hope this info is helpful.


I found another place that seems to have it now with other more standard versions listed with it.

I also dug up what appears to be the 2shared copy I found last time,but I won't post it directly at the moment just in case.

Edit 2: BTW the 2shared copy was uploaded on 2012-04-20.

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