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Default question about the v2.x

Well since no one wants to respond to this question and others that I have posted on this forum. I just won't post here anymore (what a bunch of stuff shirts). I found my questions elsewhere for the cheats for Goldeneye 007.

Leonhart ppl in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. You miss spelled "coloring". and you missed the cap A in American. I am a bad speller also. That's why I have a prog called "Tiny Spell" running in the background that catches about 85 to 90% of my spilling mistakes and the rest is picked up by using Google search for spelling mistakes. My grammar is a bit off because I have dyslexia so I live with it.

Originally Posted by squall_leonhart View Post
You don't need to tell us you're american, We can tell by the fact you mistook a quote in a signature for an actual post.

Would you like a colouring book?
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