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Default question about the v2.x

ExtremeDude2 it is not an OS/driver problem. It is a problem with the emulator it self. The emulator it self opens fine. It is when I try to start any game rom. I tried the V2.x emulator on a HP laptop OS Win7 Home 32bit and I got a blue screen crash when when I tried opening the game rom. I also tried it on a Dell laptop "OS Win 8.1" that is 2 years newer then my Dell Inspiron 15-3541. The newer Dell laptop came up with the same blue screen crash. There is 2 things left to try. 1. ether I have a bad download on the V2.x emulator it self. or 2. the game rom's that I have that work fine on V1.7 and V1.6 won't work on V2.x. By process of elimination I have ruled out the laptops and the operating systems. All 3 laptop run 100% fine in all respects except for V2.x. The designers of the prog need to know that there mite be a bug in V2.x

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Looks like an OS/driver problem, you aren't going to find anything useful here.
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