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Originally Posted by FumblesWolf View Post
K, to reply to your reply, I'd have to repeat what I said already, which is that I'd rather play some games at 30 fps because of more consistent gameplay etc...

but I'm gonna just assume you said "yeah, no, that feature is never gonna happen" and give up on this thread.

It would be an optional your opinion, it wouldn't be "enjoyable"...just like to some people, playing on a mouse and keyboard is not "enjoyable"...but it's there as an option.
Most N64 games are running a 20-30 fps, some games like Smash and F Zero run at 60fps.

Originally Posted by FumblesWolf View Post
Additional sidenote, the difference between 30 FPS and 60 FPS for me is kinda meh. As long as it doesn't drop too far below 30, I don't care.

Lemme put it this way...what's more noticeable? 60 down to 20 or 30 down to 20?

Obviously, 60 down to 20.

The difference between 30 fps and 60 fps is huge. You have 30 extra frames per second to make inputs.

Originally Posted by FumblesWolf View Post

When I use the FPS counter option in one of the default video plugins and it says 60 FPS, then suddenly drops to below 30 FPS...

...the game isn't actually running at 60 FPS/it's my problem if the game drops?

Side-note, games run way too fast with the Frame Limiter turned off.

Also, I understand that 30 FPS (or VPS??? whatever) is slower. I'd rather have consistent "slower" (around 30 FPS most of the time) performance than my game go from 60 to below 30 FPS. It's extremely distracting and kinda kills gameplay for me. Besides, these are N64 games, not modern games. I understand 30 FPS isn't the standard anymore, but it was back then for many games.

(You said "VPS"...I'm referring to what the FPS counter tells me.)
What game are you talking about and what plugin are you using.
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