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Default Project64 Settings

I am redoing all the internals and the UI around settings. One thing I think should be dropped is the shell integration. Unless I am wrong and please tell me if I am this is a feature that is basically never used? What do people think about the simple/advanced settings .. Any new settings people would like? Suggestions on layout, etc .. if you have any thoughts this is the best time to give a suggestion since I am working on it.
Some of the things planned:
  • When updating some configuration for a game, it will update the cfg file instead of the rdb. That way I can always often a reset back to original settings.
  • Being able to set plugins for individual
  • Removal of shell integration
  • Change the settings configuration UI to a tree list of pages instead of a tab list as it currently is (to be able to offer more pages and better organized) current version is running out of space.
  • Bold the setting that have been changed so you can easily see what is different.
Hopefully I will be able to achieve what is above, but happy to hear any other suggestions.
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