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Post Full support for Banjo-Tooie

Okay I hope I don't totally sound like a complete idiot posting this, but here it goes. I was wondering if you guys could create full support for Banjo-Tooie for Project 64 1.7. I just got the U.S.A ROM a while ago and noticed every 15-25 minutes its been freezing on me like crazy! Most of the time it's random. It's at the point where I have to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and end program, since I play in full-screen and the Esc key does not respond when the game has froze. Now, this could just be my computer acting up, but I can assure you that others have this same exact problem. I believe that it is possibly a Project 64 error (I apologize if it isn't). I can get further into detail if needed.
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