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Originally Posted by BlueThunder View Post
When I played the game yesterday everything was fine and i got to the Great Bay Temple and saved my game by pressing F5. I did not save it like on a n64.
Today I wanted to resume my game but the save file was deleted and not only that the save files of all the other games are also gone.
Does anyone know why this happened or if there is a way to get back my save file?
I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate

if there is no way to get it back can someone give a save file which is in or near the great bay temple?
It's a bug in some older versions of pj64 at least, including version 1.6. It's not specific to Zelda; if you hit F5 and F7 or otherwise do save states too frequently pj64 ends up deleting the state file and lying when it says it saved one, and the file still doesn't exist so F7 says failed to load.

It's frustrating. Use a version without the bug and/or use owl statue saves instead of just emulated state saves.

Originally Posted by retroben View Post
Majora's Mask is one game you DON'T want to use savestates on because normally,the owl statue programming can corrupt the save and make you lose your progress,having to start all over again,
No what happens is saving by owl reads from the flash RAM. If it's inconsistent with a saved state you used to restore new progress you made with the save file it invalidates it. It's not a corrupt saved state nor a corrupt flash RAM; it just detects that the save buffers don't match the ones that were already valid when the saved state was made with an older flash RAM save.

In short, it will happen if you use save states to "undo" prematurely saving with the Song of Time when you realize you shouldn't have done that, so then reloading the state to before playing the Song of Time and trying to play more progress on and then saving is compared to the FLA save file you already wrote without an owl statue.

Originally Posted by retroben View Post
I learned the hard way when exploiting savestates so the vulture enemy doesn't have my sword or bottle stolen if I let myself get hit,though you're better off fighting or "bombing some Dodongos" to get the pink? rupees they drop.
Both of those are significantly more time-consuming than just killing enemies with light arrows; the vast majority of them leave purple rupees (50 rupees or "pink" as you call them) behind when killed with a light arrow. So just re-exit and re-enter Termina Field or whatever to keep killing them and making more money. The slowest part about it is that a 500-rupee huge wallet suddenly seems too small for how fast you can keep filling it then.