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Originally Posted by HatCat
You two must have been very close.

I'm sorry for your loss. He was a good free plugins uploader.

Anyway, he left the forum before you even registered your account, so it's impossible for you to know whether he lets someone know when he goes away for long periods of time. In fact, I factually know that he doesn't. He views the forum logged-out as a guest. He was "offline" from the forums for like over a year before zilmar closed his Shunyuan Audio plugin thread, then he signed on right after that after like a year of ignoring everyone's posts and never logging in.
Thanks for the information, regarding his disappearance! This will help me further my investigation, as to where he may be.

I'm glad to hear that he is not dead and that he has made an appearance since he left.

Do you have other clues to where he may be? I really want to ask him some questions.

Book recommendation!
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