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I don't have an Atom so I can't speak to with any specific degree of information here, but I borrowed a friend's Atom N250 years ago (which is a fair bit slower even in terms of graphics compared to a modern N450 class netbook) and it worked reasonably well. I was actually pleasantly surprised but I only briefly tested ocarina of time and mario64, so I can't say they are fully playable as the geometry and texturing in the intros are fairly basic, not to mention the recompiler performance required is as well.

Anyway I'd be curious if you could elaborate more on what you don't find working well, what games you are testing, what the specs of your netbook are, resolutions, etc. If you are CPU limited you might want to try out Azimer's Audio HLE plugin, he did a really good job on that, it's top notch, and it's generally faster than our built-in RSP emulation; so if your CPU is the limiting factor it could push things to where they need to be.
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