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Default Joystick Problems with USB N64 Controller

So I bought an N64 Controller that hooks up to a computer via USB. It acts like a normal controller and does the job of emulating N64 games just fine, however there is one big issue with the thing's joystick. The deadzone's fine, and the joystick stays still in the middle, Y axis works fine, however the X axis seems to favor the left side of the input. There's a noticeable drop of input from the right side, so much that the joystick doesn't meet the right corners of the preview box when examining the properties of the controller via Windows' Game Controllers tool. It will fill the left side's corners with a good 1.5mm of space left on the physical joystick, but won't cover most of the right. It's almost as if the X axis has been shifted to the right.

I'm looking for a tool or a method to somehow trim the base input of the controller to map its neutral zone to increase the X axis' value. This should be easy, however I've searched and yet I haven't found anything, as it doesn't seem like a common problem.
Does anybody have a solution to this, or any method to trim the X axis? (Even if it modifies the deadzone)
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