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I'll address the rest once I peacefully set an end to all these other processes I got running right now so that I can test.

Originally Posted by SuperNewb View Post
Alright.. So setting the counter factor to 1 had some effect to slow the thing down but not near enough on the 3-4 player versus levels, nor did the sync game to audio... The thing is the default level works just fine for everything that's not 3-4 player versus or battle skyscraper.
Maybe changing either the emulator or the graphics plug-in--which is rendering the frames and internal rate--will affect this issue in mariokart64.

Glide64 has good support in this area, and it comes with Mupen64. If you install Mupen64 from that website's providence, see how both the different emulator and plug-ins affect the synchronization in Mario Kart 64. Hopefully this will change something so that we can trace a source behind the main problem.