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Donkey Kong 64 (U)

Bleeding Color Flickering
805FD153 0010
Switch back to the default to keep some color changes.

Radiation Colors
805FD1AB 0004

Another Aiming Scope Fix
805FD36F 00F0

Another Fading Exits
805FD3DB 0034
In case the other code has issues.

Displaced Texture Sizes
805FD6DB 0005
Creepy looking eyes,Chunky looks adorable.

Cutscene Bars Always Active
805FD7DF 0004

Glitched Lighting
805FD7FB 0093
Also,if rolling into some exits,you can break them temporarily by being able to walk around afterward.

Extended Screen Height
805FD9BF 00F4
Sadly not letting it completely fill like you'd want it to.
F5=Top Half Filled/Bottom Mostly Filled

Broken Frame Rendering
805FE589 0004
Also at 15fps to be even more broken looking.

Crazy Boundaries
805FEAE4 2400

Later past 0x805FEB00 address.

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