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Donkey Kong 64 (U)

No Enemies or NPCs
805FEBE3 00A4
Fun for exploration including full access to Cranky's,Funky's,and Candy's places with walking around.

Alt No Enemies or NPCs
805FEBF5 0044
Donkey Kong clone does not appear with this one but you can still explore Cranky's Funky Candy.

Respawning Collectables
805FF0A7 002B
May corrupt save,only basics like small bananas and coins and the "quit game" option is there instead of the "exit level" option.

Coin Delivery (D-pad up/down=on/off)
D0014DC4 0008
805FF16F 0020
D0014DC4 0004
805FF16F 0024
Makes a respective coin appear with a task completed jingle for it,gets stuck on the portal doors in an infinite loop until you change it to the default,then it is fine.

Exit Logo Speed
815FF43A xxxx
3D80=Painfully Slow

Blacked Out Areas
806000E3 0003
Unfortunately removes level entrances,try using it with the activator address on Mupen64Plus AE to see if it changes between areas so you can explore levels with it active.

Level Names Are Kamikaze Kremlings
806004A3 0004

Levels Names All Jungle Japes
806004AD 00C7

Sparkling Entrance
80600525 00E4
Pretty sparkles center the screen on every entrance!

Insane Animation Speeds
80600913 0004
8060092B 0004
Crazy fast running and get to a buddy barrel for the silliest stuff!

Later past 0x80601200 address.

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