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Diddy Kong Racing (U) (M2) (V1.0)

Note; Codes may fail to work/freeze on newer PJ64 versions due to new error messages for extra stuff.

Invisible Cars
8000517F 0004

Stop and Go
800052B0 00E5

Car Singularity
8000580F 0004

Bouncy Pancake Car
80005837 0004

Braking Goes Backwards
80005A50 00E5
When going fast enough.

Brake Stops On A Dime
80005AE4 00E5

Brake Sound Mod
81005B26 xxxx
030B=Highest Value?

Stretched Krunch
80007BB7 0004
Not sure if also applied as your player.

Flat Krunch
80007BD3 0004
80007BD8 00E6

Alien Vehicles
80007E53 0004
Excluding yours.

Repetitive Sounds
8000984B 0010
Racer anguish repeats,includes hub frogs.

Minimal Music
8000A72F 0074

Minimal Weird Music
8000A8EB 0040
Talk to T.T. and wait a bit.

Wacky Music
8000A8F6 C8C0
May crash.

Alternative Music
8000A947 0006

Extra Instrumentation
8000A953 0000
Use this and the next code to combine effects.

Cool Drum and Odd?
8000A967 0000
Voice in Hot Top Volcano is funny.

Imbalanced Volume
8000AA05 00CB
T.T.'s theme gets religious!

Weird Stereo Music Remix
8000AAC5 00D4
8000AACB 0003

Music Pitch Mod
8100AE52 xxxx
Some instruments ignore this.
3E80=Extra Low
3F00=Spooky Low

Messy Boosting
8000BA90 00E4
You either go underground or float every boost.

Boosting Has Red Spark Effect
8000BB20 0024

Lingering Boost Smoke
8000BBBF 0001

Always Boost Fire
8100BC3C 240E
8100BC3E 0050

Alt Always Boost Fire
8000BC47 0000

Engine Trouble
8000BC47 0000
8000BC4F 00xx
70=Default Fire Effect

Alt Lingering Smoke
8000BDB7 0074

Always Smokey Engine
8000BDE0 00E4

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