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Donkey Kong 64 (U)

All Instruments Rap Mod
81735448 240C
8173544A 0004
817A24F8 80yy
817A24FA xxxx
817A25B0 80yy
817A25B2 xxxx
7A_9C20=So they're finally here
7A_9CD8=performing for you
7A_9D90=if you know the words,you can join in too
7A_9E48=put your hands together
7A_9F00=if you want to clap
7A_9FB8=as we take you through
7A_A070=this monkey rap
7A_A1E0=He's the leader of the bunch
7A_A298=you know him well
7A_A350=he's finally back
7A_A408=to kick some tail
7A_A578=can fire in spurts
7A_A630=if he shoots ya
7A_A6E8=its gonna hurt
7A_A7A0=he's bigger
7A_A910=and stronger too
7A_A9C8=he's the first member
7A_AA80=of the D.K. Crew
7A_AB38=This kong's got style
7A_ABF0=so listen up dudes,she can shrink in size
7A_ACA8=to suit her mood
7A_AD60=she's quick and nimble
7A_AE18=when she needs to be
7A_AED0=she can float through the air
7A_AF88=and climb up trees
7A_B040=if you choose her
7A_B0F8=you'll not choose wrong
7A_B1B0=with a skip and a hop
7A_B268=she's one cool kong
7A_B320=He has no style
7A_B3D8=he has no grace
7A_B490=this kong has a funny face
7A_B548=he can handstand
7A_B600=when he needs to
7A_B6B8=and stretch his arms out
7A_B770=just for you
7A_B828=inflate himself
7A_B8E0=just like a balloon
7A_B998=this crazy kong
7A_BA50=just digs this tune
7A_BB08=He's back again
7A_BBC0=and about time too
7A_BC78=and this time
7A_BD30=he's in the mood
7A_BDE8=he can fly real high
7A_BEA0=with his jetpack on
7A_BF58=with his pistols out
7A_C010=he's one tough kong
7A_C0C8=he'll make you smile
7A_C180=when he plays his tune
7A_C238=but Kremlings beware
7A_C2F0=cause he's after you
7A_C460=he's here for you
7A_C518=it's the last member
7A_C5D0=of the D.K. Crew
7A_C688=this kong's so strong
7A_C740=it isn't funny
7A_C7F8=can make a Kremling
7A_C8B0=cry out for mummy
7A_C968=can pick up a boulder
7A_CA20=with relative ease
7A_CAD8=makes crushing rocks
7A_CB90=seem such a breeze
7A_CC48=he may move slow
7A_CD00=he can't jump high
7A_CDB8=but this kong's
7A_CE70=one hell of a guy
7A_D208=Donkey Kong is here!
7A_D2C0="Huh!" (weakly)
7A_D378=Come on Cranky
7A_D430=take it to the fridge
7A_D658=Pineapple smells
7A_D710=Grapes,Melons,Oranges,and Coconut shells
7A_D7C8=Ahhh yeah!
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