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Originally Posted by Volk18 View Post
Hi, I've been playing Paper Mario for a while now on your emulator, (mostly at my friend's house since she has 1.7.09 ^^; )
after a good amount of play time I come across this [see first picture] whenever i try to level up, i thought it was just the fight but now it seems it's anywhere in the game, i tried leveling up on my 1.6 also to see if it would work but it hasn't
it freezes when i level then i get a bunch of command line numbers (see second picture below) so basically am i screwed? or is there a way i can fix this? i tried changing settings and using different plug-ins, too :/
Were you using cheats? If you were, that could be the problem. Specifically, BP/HP/FP cheats and/or level cheats. These have been known to cause a freeze upon leveling up. I've never seen all the numbers and such your screen shot is showing, so I don't know.
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