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Default Loading Save States

Okay!! I am getting pissed pissed PISSED. I usually never go about making forum accounts to ask a question that has been answered hundreds of times before. I looked up the situation but nothing I try has worked.

This is the deal.

I have several .sra files of Ocarina of Time that I want to load into the game (100% completed files).

I made a save folder in my PJ64 folder and went into settings and made sure that the save directory was pointing in that direction.

Half the files I have downloaded are .rar (containing .sra) or just plain .sra files themselves. I've tried putting both into the folder but neither work.

I have also tried pulling down the load tab in project 64 itself to load the files but when I go into my save directory to choose one, they aren't there. Except this one .rar file which freezes the game entirely. (It's not master quest)

I've done as much research as possible but I can't get shit to work! if it helps... I'm running win7